1. Testu nie było
2. Już przy wejściu facet chciał mnie za wszelką cenę zniechęcić. Mówił wprost, że praca jest do dupy (może to był ten test - na wytrwałość).
3. Zarobki śmieszne
4. Gadka szmatka
5. Mam mu ja (sic!) wysłać smsa czy chcę tę pracę!
6. Chcę - nie mam wyjścia - finansowo jestem zarżnięta, moje miasto to polska stolica bezrobocia.
7. No i czekam.


23.07.2012, 03:45 ::
the best place to start is sorting rbusibh (thats practical to pick up with your hands)and not rbusibh this includes putting all your dvds games ect in one pile clothes and ben linen in to two piles (light colours pile and dark colours pile need be wash seperatly)then pick a pile to start with where does each item in that pile belong?books,cds,dvd and games probally have their own shelves and maybe are alphabetized and/or in catorgorys (i like to sort my games by genre my music and movies alphabetized)if your going for a full clean of your room you should start the next stage starting with things that needs a ladder to reach! and move clockwise round the rooms doing stuff u need the ladder for!(like the highest shelves top of your cupboardsthat sort of thing)then devide the room into the 4 walls start on each wall top to bottom cleaning the walls windows and shelves that you dont need a ladder for!one lesson you will learn is dust tends to settle on the stuff below what your cleaning! that why to start with the high places first!once the 4 walls are done you have the floor to deal with!you probally have carpet and therefore will use a hover! but you will want to make sure you have picked up the biggest items up off the floor that might block up your hover!then get your mum to judge your cleaning skills(the white glove challenge) and find out what you might have missed!you will get better and faster at tidying and cleaning up the more you do it!maybe you can even listern to music as you go!